With decades of experience building brands and working the floor, our team intimately understands that success in today's competitive retail environment requires ingenuity, hassle-free execution and support.

Taking the tried-and-true trunk show to a whole new level, our TAILGATE SHOWS are an attention-grabbing way to get acquainted with, introduce and/or showcase the Wears Woody brand.  With Woody parked outside the front door driving foot traffic, and with product placed inside and out (when permitted), we ring all sales straight through the store register.  At the end of the event, we just ask that stores pay us the wholesale prices for items sold.  We say "thank you" with a credit/discount on your opening/next order.  

When Woody pulls away and is out and about, he is an eye-catching BILLBOARD ON WHEELS pumping up your store and directing people your way, every day.  

With the amazing experiences Woody provides to thousands at tailgate shows and dozens of separate community events throughout the year, our crew interacts with people in a way that helps us truly understand what they want and like.  

Such fun conversations allow us to pass along intimate MARKET KNOWLEDGE and BUYING CONFIDENCE by recommending our most popular items for your store(s), not just those that are said to "on trend" or "booking well." 

It all leads to having PROVEN WINNER PRODUCT on your floor.  With optimal sell-through -- at full boat retail -- the end result. 

We also know that display space and dollars are almost always the the two most important considerations when placing orders so, beyond starting you with knowing what to buy, we make it easy to effectively represent and afford our line by offering convenient ORDER BUNDLES starting at just $500.  

Each item is FOLDED and BAGGED with a MISSION HANGTAG.   And with every opening order, we provide you a 24" x 16" CANVAS BANNER with nickel grommets and WINDOW DECAL.


We take pride in creating, delivering, and diligently co-promoting premium product that turns so you can co+mfortably pay for it in 45 DAYS

We trust that you can tell we are fully committed to our collective effort at retail.  We believe our business model makes us a different kind of partner, and one that is built to benefit finer stores over the long term.  

To learn more or get started, please email us at or call toll-free 1-855-90-WOODY.



Mike and team