How We Got Here

It's been a long, amazing ride... Over 80,000 miles in fact.

Six short summers ago, Mike, our brand’s founder bought a nostalgic beach ride, got a hawker's permit from the town of Falmouth and quit his day job to sell flip flops. Every weekend, as the sun was rising, Mike would fire up his 1990 Jeep Grand Wagoneerchug over the bridge to where Cape Cod locals were hitting the beaches and tourists were hopping on the steamship to the Vineyard. Mike would park "Woody," pour quarters into the meters, and meet thousands of great people who loved his store-on-wheels.

Brand Beginnings

After almost 100 fun but long days,and at the suggestion of all his fans, Mike teamed up with a friend he met along the way, with the mission to launch their own label. With the concept of mobile retail proven, a clever name, a cool logo, a few tee shirts and trucker caps, the Wears Woody brand was born in the spring of 2013.

Gaining Speed

Fast forward to today, you will enjoy a maturing collection of "bold coastal style" that pays homage to the original sport utility vehicle we still drive; epitomizing the best of casual life outdoors.

Reshaping Retail

As farm-to-table has done for food and nutrition, we're pioneering the "mill-to-market" movement for the apparel and retail industries: Locally sourced and produced goods made to order in smaller runs then delivered "fresh" to you at a reasonable price with our modernized fleet of funky Wagoneers. We invite you to jump on as we drive toward the future of retail.

Driving Over Diabetes

We are perhaps most proud of Woody's Drive Over Diabetes. Mike's been fortunate to live healthy and well with Type 1 Diabetes for almost four decades. We created our mission to encourage those like him to pursue their wildest dreams and to look great doing it.  We are thrilled to share our net profits with equally ambitious organizations in order to make a lasting impact on our cause.

We invite you to ride shotgun with
America's ultimate beach brand.